My Special Guest Poet: Poetry by Pamela

I am thrilled to be featured on Kimberly’s blog. Be sure and look at her poems.

Words4jp's Blog

Today is a fresh start
Possibilities abound
The mirror reflects my mood
Shining light on all I’ve found
Yesterday is behind me
Tomorrow is just a dream
Today is all I have to fill
With laughter and sunbeams
If clouds move overhead,
I will remember the blue skies
I will forget all the lows
And concentrate on the highs
Yes, today is a fresh start
Life begins anew
And when the day is over,
I will know I did all I could do.
Pamela Beckford

A few words – I am very proud to present Pamela Beckford as my First Special Guest Poet.   I can remember the first poem she posted on her blog ‘Poetry By Pamela’, which she began this past August.  Since this time, it has been a true pleasure to watch her writing evolve and grow into…

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