Reading and Books (double etheree)

Reading gives me time away from living
Reading is an escape to be sure
Reading takes me other places
Reading is entertaining
Reading refreshes me
Reading renews me
Reading rests me
Reading soothes
Books now
Books waiting
Books to the end
Books give peaceful time
Books create other worlds
Books imagine other times
Books give rise to new ideas
Books build bridges with words and phrases
Books help me escape life’s stress and bullshit

I took the etheree in a little different direction by starting each line with the same word and morphing into the second etheree. I think this is a really difficult form but I’m determined to keep trying.


4 thoughts on “Reading and Books (double etheree)

  1. Very clever – like this a lot…the like button is hiding from me…sometimes it comes out after I post a comment, so if it does I shall press I, but if not, take this as a like!! 🙂

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